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Example 6:  Creating your own on-line Model

The Universal Business Model can be used to create an organization-specific model. In this example it has been used to create a unique business model for the Ashley's organization, used in the other examples. 

This prototype shows for each element: the Analysis, Evaluation and Strategy issues, of the Ashley's organization, on the same page. If confidentiality is a requirement then Evaluation and Strategy could be shown on separate pages with access restricted to specific users such as senior managers - or these two issues could be omitted.

This prototype is a website in its own right and is filled with information about the Ashley's organization, which you can amend and also pages describing the aspects, elements and issues in general. The website consists of 130 pages but is only 1.1 MB in size. You could use it as a basis for building your own on-line model for your organization, simply by editing this prototype. The editing can be done most effectively with Microsoft FrontPage (used to build the website). However, Dreamweaver, or other website design programs can also be used. You can also edit the HTML code directly with WordPad, Notepad, etc. All the links are in place so you only have to change the text from the example to whatever you want.

Also included is a 105 page Handbook version of the main website - The Universal Business Model (including all text, diagrams, Uses, Examples, Quotations and Tips, etc) in Word format (from which you can cut and paste to your documents).
If you would like a copy of this prototype website including the Handbook click here for details.  The price is US$50, UKú30 or 45EUR 

To view this prototype model select here.