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Guide to the Website

The website can be used interactively or read like a book.  
Pages can be selected from the menu at the left or by links in individual pages. The links are underlined text >>>, >>> or text in the Model, Aspects and Issues diagrams.

Using the website interactively

Select Overview from the menu and read it.
Select Model from the menu and then select from any part of it as required, but we suggest selecting Aspects first.
Note that the Aspects and Issues diagrams can also be used for selections.
Select the remainder of the website from the menu - Uses, Examples, Quotes, Feedback and Publications.

Reading the website like a book
The website can be read sequentially by selecting >>> at the bottom of each page, starting with this page.

Set-up for viewing 
The default screen size is 800 x 600 pixels. All pages (except examples and quotes) should fill the screen without the need to scroll. If you need to scroll, turn off your toolbars (except Standard Buttons and Address Bar) - Explorer users select View>Toolbars and View>Status Bar as required.
High resolution screen users will need to increase the size of text to best fill the screen by selecting View>Text Size>Larger or selecting a Text Size button. The (Enlarged) version of the model should also be selected for these screens.

Printing the diagram of the model
For printing the model diagram itself, first select File>Page Setup>Landscape.  Use the 'Enlarged' version of the model. If a black and white version is required select here. (Side margins should be reduced to 14mm for US business size paper.)