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Line-of-business activities

urvival means knowing what our bread and butter activities are and doing them better than our competitors. Airline executive

These are the essential and necessary activities which the organization performs and are directly related to the products and services it produces. They add value to the product or service.  It is what the organization is there to do - a charity collecting money and dispensing it to deserving causes; a hospital administering drugs or performing operations; a construction company building houses or factories. The way it performs these activities makes the organization different to similar organizations and when done well, gives it a competitive advantage. No matter how good the other categories of activity are (management, support, etc.) the organization will not prosper unless the line-of-business activities are performed effectively.

Some organizations, particularly those in commerce and industry, operate complex but well defined activities - which they call ‘processes’. Other organizations, particularly in the service sector, depend more on the knowledge, skill and creativity of the individual employee and focus on the abilities of people. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is concerned with changing processes. It is usually applied to line-of-business processes, as it is these that contribute most to the performance of the organization.

Characteristics of l
ine-of-business activities:  Although these activities differ widely from one organization to another, they should all have the following set of common characteristics:

  • Be reliable and free from breakdowns or errors.

  • Be straightforward to understand and use by staff with the appropriate training.

  • Be efficient and effective in their operation without consuming undue resources.

  • Have safety and security designed into them so that they present no risks or threats to staff or the organization.

  • Be adaptable to changing conditions and requirements. >>>