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Give us the tools and we will finish the job. Sir Winston Churchill

Machines and equipment are required by most organizations. They may provide a good working environment - drinks machines, heating, air-conditioning and lifts. In addition, there is the generally more costly special equipment and tools that manufacturers and many service industries require furnaces, assembly lines, computers, vehicles, surveillance systems, etc.

echnology supports the organization: Whatever equipment and technology is used, it is there to support the operation of the organization. The characteristics of the organization should be reflected in the corresponding characteristics of its technology.

  • If 24 hour a day operation is required, then the equipment needs to be able to do the same.

  • If the organization prides itself on a friendly and helpful approach to its customers, then any equipment the employees use for this purpose must also be user-friendly and easy to use. 

  • If high security is important, then the equipment and technology must itself contribute to this or not detract from it.

  • If a fast response to situations is important, then the technology must also react quickly.

  • If the organization is highly innovative and frequently makes changes, then this would be compromised if its technology were not flexible, changeable or upgradeable.

The attributes of the technology should be assessed in terms of its reliability, suitability (including features and functions), performance, integrity (including security and safety) and adaptability (including scope for change and growth).

Do things
differently  with technology: 
Technology has been used to do things faster and more efficiently, but the real benefits come when it is used to do things differently (voice recognition instead of typing commands) or to do things that weren't possible before (forecasting the type of clothes a store will sell today, based on yesterday's weather).  >>>