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Use 1.  Understanding an organization

Using the model  
(a) For conciseness, describing an organization can be restricted to the aspect level (example 1). 
(b) To be more comprehensive, a description of each element can also be included (example 2). This in effect, is a use of the analysis issue. 
(c) For a really thorough understanding, the two other issues (evaluation and strategy) in relation to each element can also be examined  (example 4)
Note that an exercise at the aspect level can be accomplished in hours. However, a comprehensive, in-depth understanding considering all the elements and issues, could take many months. Even a specific issue for a single element could take much time to work out and understand (the strategy with regard to intellectual property or evaluating how the skills and experience of staff compare with those of similar organizations). 

Looking at the issues for each element, enables weaknesses to be uncovered. For example, there may be no defined strategy for dealing with the channel; threats which the organization faces may not have been quantified; there may be no strategy for product development or for working with collaborators.

Many facets of an organization will be a combination of a number of elements. Thus 'stress' suffered by employees could be due to an oppressive management style, lack of empathy towards staff and a highly charged emotional environment at the workplace
The model does not show management how to manage. It simply provides a consistent approach for understanding the organization with a checklist of topics to cover. We hope that the examples, which we give in the text, at least act as a stimulus for ideas. However, in the end, management have to work out how to manage their own organization.

Written reports
We recommend that reports follow the general order of the model, starting with the identity aspect (example 1). Consultancy firms could ensure consistency by writing reports in a standard format regardless of the type of organization studied: this would make the reports easier and quicker to read and understand. >>>